What’s coming our way in 2021?… part 2

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So I was thinking… this post got awful long, but then something miraculous happened and my clipboard got erased! So, let’s do this all over again, ya’ll with me this time? Ha, who am I kidding, it’s not your fault! At least today we get to dig into another exciting ecosystem… Apple!


Wait, you want M2?

So I’m desperately clinging to hope that M2 is released early this year. I’m also desperately hoping that with it, a lot of the common complaints will be resolved. As that’s the case, I do not believe that you should invest in M1 at any point right now unless you’re doing something highly specialized. Yes, it’s tempting, especially since that Air is so damn affordable… but it doesn’t matter. M1 will be left in the dust in the next year, and you don’t want your Apple budget for the next 5 years blown on such an early model.

Developed me out of a job…?

Apple released SwiftUI back in 2018. It’s loosely what I would refer to as extremely objective JavaScript with some C and other bits and pieces sprinkled in there along the way. For being such a “new” language, it’s fairly bug-free, which is good news because Apple is heavily invested in it. Lets step back for a moment and plan a projection for the next 5 years:

Apple continues to squeak away market share from Microsoft and increases from somewhere around 17% to 30%. Apple has already had a significant impact on the software PC users use, and that was with a market share projected to be around 10-12%! It seems that Apple is the “go-to” for inventing trends, and they’re back on track to really woo their old customers back to their platform.

With that in mind, they’ve unified their software code with SwiftUI – now, applications can seamlessly scale between a full desktop application to an iPad to an iPhone to an Apple Watch (almost got me, stupid iWatch!) Take that into account when I present the following scenario:

You’re developing a new outline for a site in Photoshop on your shiny MacBook Pro 16″ M2 model when you have to leave for the meeting. You don’t drag the laptop bag (or backpack, satchel, sleeve, brown paper bag) with you to present it, you bring your iPad. You control the AppleTV for the presentation from that iPad running the same exact software you had on your MacBook Pro 16″ 2 hours ago. During the presentation, you use your Apple Pencil to take notes on the Photoshop document to resolve later. This shade darker, this one is great, transparent. After nailing the presentation, you go home and begin to unwind. You get a text from an old friend who you know has the COVID-pass asking you if you want to grab a cup of coffee and catch up. Sure, why not.

At the coffee shop, a BRILLIANT idea came up where you wanted to show off your work to your old-found friend. Being the Apple snob we (you) are, you grab your iPhone and pull up your most recent application history. Within seconds, the application loads and your presentation is ready… on your 6.1″ iPhone. No glitches, no bugs, no lag, it’s just as if you were on your iPad, which just happens to be just like your Mac.

I’m sure you get the drift, but to put it in plain English: the big software players have already begun implementing M1 specific code into their programs. What that means is, you download either an Intel version of the product or the new M1 version. It shocked me when I found out that Jetbrains had this option for PHPStorm! Once we’re on the MX architecture (that’s shorthand for any M level processor) your application can run on any device with some adaptation to views “only” in your program. One source of truth for every application. Your code, everywhere, anywhere, there. It’s coming. Brace yourselves.

HomePod Mini-where?

Distributors for Apple are starved for the stock for this highly popular item from Apple that was a bombshell to their network already late in the year. Even previously major known kee distributors don’t have this item, so what gives? Well – it seems in this case, the demand was higher than production (due to COVID) and the priority protocols kicked in for who gets what. Apple direct is the fastest way to get one right now. I’ve seen reports of consumers getting their device in 3-5 days but distributors being on back-order since the announcement.

Apple Watch Fashion??

I overheard a conversation recently between two parties, we’ll call them Jane and Dee for clarity. Here’s the scenario:

Jane: “I’ve got a big date tonight, I hope I look ok”
Doe: “Well, I wouldn’t go out like… that….” *that one finger twist that says whatever that is*
Jane: “What do you mean…?” (clearly offended)
Doe: “You know, your watch band, girl you can’t go out with that watch band…”

After this conversation, I was convinced there was more to the story. Nope, Jane was just as confused as I was. What… is this? Some secret sub-culture I’m not aware of? I like my standard black band, it goes with everything and is professional in a pinch. Yeah sure, I have a few others, but I picked comfort and simplicity over fashion… but I’m not sure that’s “normal” anymore…?

AirPods, AirPods Pro, AirPods Pro 2?

Yep, they’re expected to come out and they’ll be “enhanced” to some degree that is still hazy to me right now. How can you improve on a model that works perfectly well in almost any environment? I guess if I could swim with them that’d be incredible… but… weird? Whatever – if you’re in the market for AirPods, I don’t see the current Pro model being “outdated” in-so-much as legacy a-la Apple Watches. They’ll still be great for the next few years, but they won’t have that shiny new feature that sounds really cool but you only used it once… or… is that just me? Hang tight if you can, but it’s not a big deal if you just picked up a new pair of Pro’s to live on the edge.

Hang tight for more in part 3 of this week-long marathon that wasn’t planned!

Ben BeachWhat’s coming our way in 2021?… part 2

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