What is coming our way in 2021…? part 3

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Welcome back to day 3 of our exploration into thoughts of what 2021 will bring in terms of technology. We’ll be continuing with our exploration of Apple and our thoughts on what’s to come through the middle of the year. Then, we’ll dig further into the rest of the tech world!

Other Mobile Products

I don’t see much coming out in the next few months for Apple Watches or iPhones. They usually release those in November anyway, so we won’t see much coming our way from that end. We will, however, continue to see an increase in third-party support for iPhone 12’s MagSafe charging connection. This could be entertaining, but it could also be dangerous so proceed with caution. The last thing you’d want to do is blow the battery in your iPhone, trust me.

EMF isn’t real

Apple has recently determined that it’s probably not best to hold a strong magnet with induction charging near your chest if you have a pacemaker. Perhaps this was a revelation that was unforeseen during development, however with a track record in health apps and cutting edge access to your health information one would be led to believe perhaps this was thought of by someone? At any rate, uh, if you have something that would react poorly to being energized with a strong magnetic force behind it, perhaps you should give Apple’s MagSafe a miss. Oh, this also includes the iPhone 12… (though you SHOULD be fine with hearing aids).


No, that’s my sock drawer!

Apple will, in all likelihood, continue to play the hero role in the saga of privacy. It’s what sets them apart and they seem to be entirely embracing this idea. The lawsuit was laughed off (if you didn’t hear about it, a large company allegedly sued Apple for their increase in privacy awareness as an unfair market disadvantage for small companies). I don’t see this changing, in fact, I see them clamping down on more as they go through their latest release of iOS 14 and shift into previewing iOS 15 during the summer.

Machine Learning – they’re here…

I was recently impressed by how easily Apple has integrated Machine Learning into their devkit – it is quite simple, efficient, fast, and works quite well and fluidly. With that in mind, there are apps that seem impressive on the surface such as identifying if an object matches a food, however digging into it, Apple’s intelligent design software has done the majority of the heavy lifting and it’s truly just an interface.

Beep Beep – Busytown Mysteries here we come!

The rumors are running deep, far, and wide that Apple is going to be releasing an Apple Car in the next few years. While this doesn’t meet our criteria for the short-term forecast we’re aiming for here, it’s been such abuzz that we feel amiss not to mention it. I wouldn’t be surprised, however, I anticipate it being a joint venture at first. Sorta like they did with Intel, the engine and drivetrain could very well be from another EV. We’ll see as more details emerge.


Apple now has multiple tiers of their business model for repairs which provides a wider access to reliable repairs for your devices. You may see a few new shops pop up as this becomes more mainstream in the new world of COVID.

Money money money…

Apple continues to expand into the market of subscriptions with Apple Fitness+, with mixed reviews ranging from “why” to “impressive” – I haven’t tried it out myself yet, but if you’re one of the many people who aren’t going to the gym, perhaps it’s worth a shot if Youtube just isn’t cutting it? I know that meditation from a “prescribed” or “sterile” environment is more productive, so perhaps fitness can turn into something similar. Maybe it’s time to upgrade to Apple One?

Say it ain’t so…

The big rumor is that it’s nearly confirmed some (or all) of the new MacBook lineup for this year will feature MagSafe and physical F1-F12 keys. Call me a bit of a nerd, but I love my touch bar. It does far more for more than Apple’s standard keyboard layout did – I use BetterTouchTool a lot. I want to see them bring the OLED keys to their laptop lineup as was featured in an article I saw of speculation (in the future). Of course, I presume they’ll continue to harass the lineups with the touch bar and offer two variants of the keyboard layout. At least, I hope they do…

Big Takeaway – Apple

The biggest takeaway that I predict over the next 6 months is an expansion of the Apple ecosystem. We’re seeing it on the narrow band of big-box devs right now, but soon we’ll find games and all sorts of other projects that make it across to the SwiftUI DevKit. We’ll see the market share steadily increasing in terms of Apple taking over the world and we’ll see a short-term spike then a decrease in app cost.

Stay tuned for part 4!

Ben BeachWhat is coming our way in 2021…? part 3

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