What’s coming our way in 2021…? part 5 (CLOSING!)

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Not gonna lie, I’ve kinda dug deep to finish this series. There’s a lot of tech out there, but honestly, this was some of the more exciting stuff out there. There are some other things that are coming to fruition and things yet to be announced, of that I’m certain, but there’s simply too much ground to cover if you expected this to be a fully comprehensive series.


Apple’s market share is increasing at a drastic rate. As a result, security suites for MacOS will become more and more encouraged. The best one I ran that didn’t seem to install some random VPN that was always on (I already use VPN extensively, and I have special settings, etc) was BitDefender. You can give it a shot for free for a month (currently) and then pay for it after that, however, I’m actually not running any AV currently. I’ve yet to settle on the one that really fits me best. I think the best solution for my needs will be BitDefender.

Beyond that, you’ll continue to see a shift into cyber-security and awareness exercises for corporations. In fact, that’s a service that we offer, however it depends on the situation. If you’re interested, you can get an estimate here. It’s quite important to secure your entire network, especially if you’re a business.

I recently responded to a ticket where a large client got hit with ransomware. They were lucky, only 4 machines were encrypted before the management team caught on to what was happening and shut the computers down. In this situation, it cost them ~$75,000.00 USD by the time it was all over, perhaps even more than that, as they had to replace all the HDD’s in computers, the firewall was fully compromised and out of date, three servers were hit, their PBX is outsourced, and more. This could have all been avoided had the customer invested in a security evaluation.

Stream it all…

Everyone and everything we are interacting with these days have some sort of connectivity or circuitry. We have smart washers and dryers, refrigerators, cars, phones, headphones, watches, hell there’s even smart wearable clothes now! Shoes? Check. With all of this connectivity, consumers have been slowly introduced to monthly subscription charges. Those subscription charges allow companies to do a variety of things, some benefit consumers, a lot of benefits to corporations. Forego the profit for a moment, the benefit as a consumer is that you get automatically updated devices for periods of time. As corporations, bug fixes are painless to resolve. For gaming companies, you can develop a game halfway and release it then offer the rest for additional income as DLC packages, forever!

Ultimately, this has benefits and drawbacks – if you’re in need of a budget makeover, be sure to allocate for every monthly subscription you have.

Internet of STUFF

A wide array of surveillance items will be released this half of the year, including Ring’s very affordable “wired” version of their doorbell. What this provides us as a consumer base is easier access to the IoT (internet of things). Is that a good thing? Probably not. Each device you add to your network uses all sorts of mini bits and bytes that stack up and add up fairly quickly. It also adds congestion to your wireless “bubble” and, while there are a lot of benefits and some workarounds, the best advice is to get what you want AND what you know you’ll use.

Update your update for the update…

A final reminder for all of you, keep all your devices up to date. Apple is pushing hard to make sure you update your iPhone to the latest 14.4 version, Windows 10 has a firm handle on updates, and there’s a bunch of kernel updates that you need to ensure Linux is stable and secure. WordPress needs to be updated, your browsers, anti-virus, and more. Most of these should be done behind your back, just keep in mind – sometimes, you might want to check for updates.

Fin – What’s coming our way in 2021…?

Ben BeachWhat’s coming our way in 2021…? part 5 (CLOSING!)

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