Brain Dump Day

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Ever spent the day chasing your tail?

I love it when that happens to me – I usually walk away learning so much… but during the moment, it’s always frustrating. Usually, I’ll take a few moments and then hit it again when I’m fresh, but sometimes… sometimes I try to power through. I probably shouldn’t.

Tesla’s New New Car

I can hardly believe that some Tesla cars are now older than the van I drive. That’s right, there are a few out there from 2008! Well, this is exciting news, they have upped the anty and are planning a massive new remake to their Model S this year. They supposedly have a model that can achieve 520 miles per charge, though I hardly think it’s worth the extra $60,000 to get. Still, if they pull it off, that’s a huge accomplishment. The 520-mile model will be released later this year, with their other options coming out shortly. Anyone in the market for a new car that costs as much as some houses?

iMessage is now… safer?

Yeah, there is new technology baked into Apple’s iMessage which came with update 14.4. That’s why it was such a security risk to update – some people would get messages with specific content which would then allow the attacker access to the entire system. I don’t think that’s what Apple intended… so they’ve built a walled garden around all text messages now. While I don’t personally know the full details of it, I imagine it’s per message in an effort to help prevent someone from yelling at your other text buddies.

Games… don’t you buy those at Walmart or on the internet?

Wow has Gamestop stirred the pot in the tech world… *glances at Robinhood* – there’s a bit of a challenge there, you see… the stock rose a great deal, and then Robinhood users wanted to sell their stock and cash in, but it got pulled. Well… folks are no longer happy with Robinhood and seeking alternatives. Beyond that, it appears (from the news I’ve gathered) that there was an alleged group of social media folks who got together to hit short-sellers where it hurts. I don’t know stock details, but it sounded like a nasty plan. Anyway, now Gamestop’s stock is huge… but it’s predicted to drop quickly? Who knows what will happen, the world is crazy these days.

Ben BeachBrain Dump Day

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