Watch people talk with still images… or listen to people talk?

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So I recently started listening to podcasts. I tried them a long time ago, when it was expensive to really have content, but just couldn’t find them attractive. The market was small, there was hardly anything that would be entertaining to my (still maturing) mind. Now… there’s millions of podcasts around the world. What about YouTube? Lets dig into thoughts on this in this “Thought Adventure!”


They’re great for traveling when you don’t subscribe to something like Apple Books. You can find all your standard “talk radio” type shows as well as some spinoffs directly from TV or YouTube. Like standup comedy? There’s a channel for it. Want to learn more? There’s a channel for it. So – I dug into my preferences to try to find a few good ones (I’m a subscriber to Apple Music, so I wanted to test Apple’s podcast system). What did I find? Smarter Every Day, Alux, and more. It seems, if you’re interested in just listening to something in the background, perhaps this is a good fit.


Lets face it, we live in a world of distractions that slow us down, even at work (sometimes ESPECIALLY at work… lol). It’s weird being surrounded in a silent room when you’re working remotely or from home and you’re used to the hustle and bustle of a sales floor, or the cathartic movements of machinery, or the sounds of phones ringing or keyboards typing. Especially if you’re not on a team that’s really remote – that’s definitely an isolating experience and can negatively impact our work performance. So our solution to that? NOISE! Some of us use YouTube as background noise and occasional distractions (fleeting glances at weird statements, excitement, whatever). What’s the benefit? You have a visual distraction that allows you to exercise your eyes and reduce strain.


I’m kinda big into this category when I have to batter down and slam something out under pressure. Sometimes it’s room-filling music that’s just required for me. If that doesn’t happen, I can’t get into the theme and it’s all over. I’m miserable and my work suffers. Other times, it’s having the TV on in the background to random YouTube clips. Sometimes it’s distracting to have pictures and so I flip on podcasts. But, I still heavily rely on music.


Ben BeachWatch people talk with still images… or listen to people talk?

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