Foldable Phones

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So I forgot to schedule this post and spaced it out – good thing I remembered it! A lot of folks love new technology and its innovations as well as convenience. Do you like to do everything on your phone? Or are you a tablet person? Or do you prefer the full keyboard/screen experience of a computer? Let’s dig into foldable and see what’s going on!

Folding… and moving… and pivoting

There are a lot of different types of devices out there. Back in the days of old, we started with phones that were bricks and physical keypads. A lot of people hated transitioning to touchscreen keyboards, but the industry introduced it slow enough that now it’s the standard. Looking into the newer form factor that the industry is trying to get us into – we’re now seeing folding, sliding, rolling, and a variety of other oddities. What’s the best solution for you?


The advantage of a folding phone is that it shrinks down to a “more compact” format. It’s really not ideal, and there are plenty of challenges including how do you keep the hinge from adopting sand, pocket lint, and hair as its own. Samsung has gotten pretty good at this more recently, but there are still challenges, which we’ll get into towards the end of this post. Beyond it is a wonderful way of cleaning dirt out of your pockets, the form factor feels odd and unusual in your hands. You’ll get used to it, but ultimately, do you want to?


Eh, there are only a few of these out there, but people who grew up with the adoption of cell phones will be able to clearly understand what this means. They’ve attached the main screen and allow it to “slide-out” 180 degrees so you have two screens now, one smaller than the other. This is great to keep the keyboard out of the main view, and there are some advantages to this, but again – should you? It’s basically stacking two cell phones ontop of each other!


This seems to be what I envision as the future. There are already phones that roll out from the side and “extend” the screen horizontally as you pull it out. This is a great solution to a variety of challenges, but again – think of the dirt! It’s not a complaint I’ve heard about the existing rollable phones, but they’re not very common. The good thing is – it relieves most of my aggravations about the previous form factors – it doesn’t increase the thickness of the phone. In fact, the most “annoying” part of it would be that you can see some of the screens on the side of the phone (which was a feature on other phones once upon a time!)

Global Weaknesses

Critical hit – the hardest part of accepting these form factors right now is screen durability. They’re all plastic. You can leave an indentation with your finger if you drag it the wrong way and hit it with a fingernail. I abuse my phones – I have a fully rugged case, a wallet on the back of it, and a screen protector. These devices are expensive, I’m not interested in investing in something that has a flaw across the board that would impact my use of the phone.

Are you interested in foldable/rollable devices? If so, do you use one now? Why or why not?


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