Perpetual Migration to Newer Technology

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Yeah, I used big words, but ultimately that was the best I could come up with. Sorry! Today’s post will cover some of the upcoming “shortfalls” of being on older tech and what it means for consumers (all of us) that use those devices.

Apple and Google… are kinda friends still?

Apple TV 3’rd gen is losing support for YouTube’s app. From now on, you’ll are stuck to the realm of casting it from your phone (officially for now, anyway) in March of this year. It’s unclear what specifically caused the shift of focus away from the 3’rd gen TV, but my best guess is Google had to look at “what’s the best codebase to be in for our apps?” and that turned out to be SwiftUI. If my hunch is correct, one of you sly googlers out there will look and see if Apple’s 3’rd gen AppleTV supports SwiftUI. My suspicion is it doesn’t.

Do we really have to upgrade to keep the software working now…

This is the world we’ve migrated to. Now, for you to actually use the software that you want, you have to be on a minimum supported version. We’ve always had system requirements and segregations in features, but it’s feeling like more and more apps are being pulled off of older platforms. Perhaps that’s due to Apple’s SwiftUI, but ultimately, it looks like if you can’t get the latest iOS version 14 on your phone, perhaps it’s time to upgrade.

This isn’t limited to Apple, Android for quite a while now has been a 2-year platform. You buy a device and expect updates for 2 years, maybe 3 or 4 if you get a good one, and then it’s time to move on. Cell phone technology is too rapidly evolving for us as individuals to keep up with. 5G is being broadcast and rolled out faster and faster every day – it’s not a matter of “I don’t want it to come” – it’s already here. It’s only going to grow.

Welcome to our new future – and it’s just getting started!


Ben BeachPerpetual Migration to Newer Technology

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