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We all do it, and if you don’t you should. We all need to relax and just take deep breaths of whatever we find joy in (as long as it’s not hurting others…) once in a while. I used to game all the time, it was a particularly engaging sport that I found more appealing than the idea of sitting in front of a TV consuming hordes of content that is just useless drivel. Whew, that was a big sentence… sorry about that.

Diablo 4 – Stalled… delayed… unknown

So instead of launching Diablo 4 when they should have (three [omg I’m getting old] years ago at Blizzcon) they instead opted for a mobile version of the game and anticipated huge applause. It flopped, gamers everywhere were quite annoyed at the flagrant disregard for their fanbase. After that event, a few “normal” gamers got to place their hands on the game itself and found it really wasn’t as bad as they expected it to be and spoke positively about the experience, for the most part. Now – as 2021 settles in, another announcement, I mean letdown, from the past two years. No, it doesn’t appear that Diablo 4 will be coming out this year. Damn.

Mobile gaming has already collected the majority of the market

Did you know that, as of 2020, mobile games accounted for 51% of the gaming market? This is, of course, expected to continue to rise but will steady out (in my opinion) around 60%. Most people won’t find the games they want on their phones for a bit yet, as long as console makers can continue to outpace our capability to improve mobile performance year after year. If it cannot, and phones begin to become the more powerful platform than say… a $2,000 computer – I could see major disruptions.


We’re being trampled – Virtual Reality is taking over the world as we know it. Sales increased on VR headsets in 2020 and game sales for specific headsets that love to share information on their users reported that multiple games reached over the 1 million in sales mark last year. According to the information I’ve read, 4 years ago there wasn’t a VR game that came close to that amount. It’s also appearing all over now that people are locked inside of their homes. Go figure!

Yeah, that’s about it – there are a couple of other things that are out there but nothing super exciting on my side. Let’s hear from you, what kind of games are you enjoying?

Ben BeachKickin’ those shoes off

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