What is an evaluation?

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Evaluation is such a generic term, but it fits a category of Technical Support that is nearly perfectly aligned with what we can offer. We respond to these situations on a case by case basis. Sometimes, it’s as simple as a phone call (and if it’s a 10-minute call it’s free!). Other times, it’s a visit to a site and determination of needs. Let’s explore a few cases we’ve helped with.

Phone calls… free support… what?

Yep! I’ve seen situations where, with just a few clicks of a button, the challenge at hand is resolved. If that’s the situation, we’re there for you and we understand. There are limits to free support, but it’s more to ensure fair use than forcing you to pay us. Here are a few examples:

  • Windows – can’t get on the internet, but the computer works just fine
  • Determination of speeds of networks containing 5 or fewer devices
  • The office doesn’t want to do something simple (you’re seeing funny characters on the screen or just can’t find options)

What’s next… oh right – virtual meetings

Virtual meetings are something we’re probably all aware of at this point, but it can range from simple training on how to do something to a virtual presentation to a classroom or group on how to prevent network infections. We’re here to ensure you have the information and knowledge available to resolve your challenges. Here are a few examples of that:

  • Learning how to use Microsoft Office Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Outlook, or other programs
  • Determining if the software can be updated, fixed, or repaired (from viruses, malware, or other situations)
  • Working through MacOS challenges such as Parallels not integrating properly

And then we come to physical visits

Physical meetings depend on the situation. If you’re in the WNC area, we may be able to assist you. If you’re further out, we’ll work with you to ensure your visit is prepared before travel arrangements. Why would you need a physical visit? Here’s what we’ve had experience in:

  • Network layout and structure for small, medium, and large offices
  • WiFi coverage for large areas (40,000 sq/ft warehouse, a 10-acre plot of land, a parking lot)
  • Repair to certain levels of hardware and software
  • Training seminars (as pertains to local laws)


So, in essence, upon our initial visit, we’ll determine what the best solution is for you and provide you with a rough outline. From there, we can work out the details to resolving challenges.


Ben BeachWhat is an evaluation?

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