Mandatory Title Here – Chromebooks, GPU’s, and more!

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What happened?! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN! Well – I took a brief break (as seen) and recollected a few thoughts (and did some admin stuff on the side). We have a new invoicing system, lots of legal documents to keep everyone safe, contact forms, marketing and more. While I have been keeping up with daily posts, lately it became overwhelming. My apologies! Oh, I’ve also recorded another podcast episode which is due for a separate release announcement today! Now… ON TO THE SHOW!

Chromebooks are… not terrible now?

Parallels released software that works on a specific type of Chromebook allowing you to seamlessly run Windows 10 alongside ChromeOS. It’s interesting, the speculation that’s on the internet is that this could be a major game-changer for Google’s ChromeOS considering this is the architecture that many younglings are growing up with. They’ll want the familiarity of ChromeOS but also the capabilities of Windows. It brings an interesting bridge to one of the areas that have always been considered “niche.”

An interesting aside from this would be that many students are also now growing up with iPads – perhaps there are some devious underworkings that are going on here…

GPU’s and chip shortages – WHERE ARE THEY

If you’ve been interested in obtaining a new GPU recently, you’ve probably found stock issues. There are a lot of factors that are at play here, unfortunately, and most of it seems to be driven by the crypto-currency boom once again. People who built their own computers were relieved when GPU prices started tumbling and you could find a wide variety of decommissioned GPU’s at a bargain rate. Unfortunately, while this was initially suspected to be “returning to normal” – the reality is that we will likely continue to see shortages into the future. Crypto is booming once again and it’s not going anywhere – in fact, it’s growing exponentially, and as a result, many corporations are “mining” all sorts of different currencies to bank on the next big thing.

Android is… still there

If you like Facebook’s face popups on your screen that are always in your way, guess what – good news is this now defaults across the board for Android! I personally hate conversation floating heads, but hey, if you like it – Google’s got you!

Tag – you’re it

Android has finally incorporated native screen recording into the OS. This is a feature that many people have wanted and needed for a long time. Fortunately, you can now uninstall all of your apps related to this and just use Google’s wonderful baked in solution! Their features are comparable and you don’t have to worry about malware if you know where it comes from.

Better Media Control

This is something I find exciting – they’ve incorporated better media controls when you pull down and look in your notification area. Not only is it more intuitive, descriptive, and easier to find, they’ve also made switching audio output super easy now too. Plus it remembers what app you were using last for what, now that’s kinda nifty, eh?

Lithium Batteries are raging!

It turns out many electric vehicles are using standard laptop batteries in large (we’re talking thousands) quantities. This has resulted in a drastic price reduction on lithium cells and it will continue to decrease. We’re ramping up production of lithium in the US and it’s definitely going to be driven down in cost over the next few months to years. Plus, some people are taking and combining old electric car batteries (omg, they’re old now…) and turning them into power stations for their houses. That’s decent recycling.

Stay tuned next week for our update!



Ben BeachMandatory Title Here – Chromebooks, GPU’s, and more!

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