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January 1

Founding of Innovated Tech

Innovated Tech founded to encompass Trusted Programmer, Vivid Detail, Web Options, and various other business enterprises. All clients are transitioned seamlessly to Innovated Tech and their profiles updated to match new systems.
August 1

Transition of Power

EagleEye LLC transitioned back to its parent ownership after a difference of opinions between the CEO and the other partners. Trusted Programmer continued to take on small clients, however, the majority of its time was invested in support of previous customers. A new business mentor appeared at this time.
July 18

EagleEye Wins AWFS Vegas

EagleEye Wins AWFS Vegas
EagleEyeLLC had been nominated as a finalist in AWFS. EagleEye was lucky and had funding backing them. That year, we won the trophy in leading software for ERP with integrated solutions.
May 4

CEO of EagleEye LLC

At this point, it was time to take the reigns and put into practice business management. EagleEye LLC was formed with Ben labeled as the CEO of the company. It was a milestone that was unpredictable and incredible. EagleEye LLC built a manufacturing ERP from the ground up where Ben..Read More
March 1

New Mentorship

A new mentor had transitioned into the realm and began motivating Ben to run a company. The role was contracted out to Trusted Programmer, a company still run by Ben Beach today, and a predecessor to Innovated Tech. During this time, Ben programmed an industry-specific ERP from the ground up..Read More
April 5

Stable Foundation

By this point, the skills earned through full-time work had become a stable foundation upon which many corporations are built upon. These included project management, phone and ticket-based support, owner level de-escalation of challenges, PC tech support, server management, network installation and management, and more.
December 31

Continuing Tutilage

Vivid Detail LLC closed out the year strong. Several corporate applications had been rolled out supporting 15-25 concurrent users and tracking thousands and thousands of data points. Database sizes bloomed and bugs were infrequent.
August 1


Over the next year, Vivid Detail LLC would continue to thrive and even expanded into onsite PC service. During this time, Ben was hired to be a full-time tech support lead for a company that stalled progress within Vivid Detail LLC.
June 1


While exploring the business world, Ben took on a variety of clients. In 2011, Vivid Detail LLC was formed in Jacksonville, FL. This was the first official business to start.
July 1


Innovated Technology first started out as a sole adventure for web programming. Ben Beach was leading the charge and took on a few clients through word of mouth.

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