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Why would I outsource something that everyone and their mother says I can do it myself? Isn’t it a waste of money when I can just go to a website building tool and do it?

Yes, it’s true – you can go build your own site at a variety of locations. I’ll even provide you with their names, if you would like – but before you jump onto that bandwagon, here’s a few things you should be aware of:

  1. “Free” is never really free – when they provide you with a free domain name, that’s only for the first year. Also, who really owns that domain name?
  2. What happens if the site goes down for some reason? Even Amazon & Netflix crash once in a while. Google had a huge outage in 2020! Are you sure that data won’t be lost?
  3. You’re crammed onto a server with potentially hundreds of other sites just like yours. Each one of those sites is on the same hard-drive. A virus on ANY ONE of those websites could infect your site. Who are your neighbors?
  4. Are you ready to learn an entirely new piece of software, even if it’s easy to use?
  5. What happens when it’s time to migrate your site to a bigger solution? A lot of those “do-it-yourself” solutions will not allow you to integrate with your specific vendor. Even if you don’t have them now, do you plan to grow?

Ok – enough pedantic nonsense, I could go on forever about the pains I’ve had migrating clients from their “awesome” self site to a website that allows you to do what you need to do. What matters most is – will it attract and present your business the way you want to be presented? This is your first impression – make it count!

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