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Networking & Network Setup

We will establish what equipment is necessary and provide you with an estimate of costs. We can even come out and install network components, in certain situations. Let us know how we can help!


Having troubles getting recognized on the web? Not sure where to turn? We're here to help - we can guide you down the best path for your target audience.

Administrative Support

Answering phones, technical tickets, or some other form of administrative support.

Vocal Recording

Record audio in a professional voice and tone, satirical tone, or some other tone. We've got a variety of options available!

Business Consulting

Understand your business, a business path, or challenges related to your business.

$300 Professional Website

Want a professional website but don't know where to start? Pick this package and you'll get a professional website at a budget price!

Website or Intranet

Looking to set up a simple website? Frustrated with "do-it-yourself" solutions that take time to learn and manage? Our in-house team is able to work with projects of a variety of sizes, both custom or off the shelf.


Simply looking for someone that you can call on to answer questions related to a project you're working on? We'll play "rubber duck" with you and provide some insight from industry-leading programmers.

Integration & Migration

Working with a stubborn outdated piece of software that's no longer supported? We can work with your old systems and determine the most efficient use of time to resolve the data migration.

Other Services

We offer a variety of other services that are available at an affordable rate. Some of those services include CAD consulting, manufacturing layout and optimization, network setup, migration, integration, or resolution of degradation.


Need a solution but too close to the problem to find one? We provide evaluation services based on your requirements and can provide a simple outline, a visual map, implementation, or execution.

Design & Mockup

Have an idea that seems so simple but you're just not sure? Our in-house team can mock any level of the program that you need.

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