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Solutions For Small & Medium Sized Businesses

Custom tailored solutions for your unique business needs. Boost productivity by over 300% by optimizing your systems and employee interface. 

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How We Work

Our process is unique per customer, however below is how we generally conduct business.

Determine the path to success
Deploy and use
"With thoughtful placement, you don't need to train employees."
Ben Beach

What We Believe

Your interface that you use on a day-to-day basis is the largest time investment for any business. Using more than one is inefficient.

Custom Systems

We build custom systems from the ground up based on your workflow or implement solutions on existing platforms.

Beautiful Websites

We build beautiful, intuitive websites for clients based on their existing business information.

Small business public websites can drive up to and above 150,000 unique visits a day. Business dashboards reduce the amount of time your employees spend performing day-to-day tasks. Pair these two with your existing business model and take advantage of next-generation programming today.

Our Services

We have been in business since 2010 under a different business name. With over 12 years of experience, we provide a variety of services for your business.

Live Communication

Receive real-time updates via text communication as your platform (or website) is developed and launched.

Integrated Solutions

We can connect a variety of systems to a variety of systems. If Zapier isn't doing it, how do you solve it? Ask us!

Custom Websites

From Shopify websites to a custom WordPress website, our team is prepared to provide the best for you.

Business Intelligence

Custom solutions provide unique insight into your business practices. Learn more about yours.

SEO Optimization

We have access to a wholesale solution for marketing and SEO optimization as part of our team.

System Management

Have systems that are out of your control? We can travel to your location and optimize your team.

The Right Developmet

Limited Time: Advanced Communication free until 01/2023


Communicate via Discord and watch the project grow.

Advanced Communication

Developer reaches out during programming.

Deployment Sprints

Know the estimate of what will be available when.

Aggregate Rating

“We love working with Innovated Tech and Ben, his work is impressive!”

— Dennis Warwick

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