Administrative Support Administrative Support Answering phones, technical tickets, or some other form of administrative support. Audio Recording Vocal Recording Record audio in a professional voice and tone. Business Consultant Business Consulting Understand your business, a business path, or challenges related to your business. Computer Training Computer Lessons Lessons related to computer operation (Mac, PC or Linux) or training on applications. Computer Repair Computer Repair Repair computers (Mac, PC, or Linux), remotely or locally. Document Editing Document Editing Editing documents, proofing documents, adjusting them, or dictating them. Electronics Repair Electronic Repair Repairing unique or expensive electronic items such as TV's, radios, and other electronic devices. Logo Design Logo design & implementation Rebranding, new logo creation, existing logo adjustments, business cards, and more. Mobile Design Mobile Design & Layout Layout on a mobile device, whether it is an application, website, or ease of use. Network Support Network Support Network layout, network troubleshooting, network redesign or networking in general. Online Sales Online Sales & eCommerce Set up an eCommerce website, a sales site, list products for sale across multiple sites, or sell something online. Phone Repair Phone Repair Resolve challenges with phone hardware or software. Software Design Software Design & Programming Design software for your desktop, phone, tablet, POS, or some other hardware. Video Streaming Video streaming, recording, post-production Instructions or assistance on streaming video, editing videos, video design, post-production, and publishing. Website Design Website Design Website design, layout, programming or other website services.

Technology makes all the difference.

Our mission

Simplify your life by using advanced technical “things” easily. We make your life simpler when it comes to the technology that you use on a day-to-day basis. Sometimes it’s best to make it work like magic for you.

Our services

We offer a wide array of solutions both in-house and with local business partners. What you need, we’ve got.

$300 Professional Website

Want a professional website but don't know where to start? Pick this package and you'll get a professional website at a budget price!

Website or Intranet

Looking to set up a simple website? Frustrated with "do-it-yourself" solutions that take time to learn and manage? Our in-house team is able to work with projects of a variety of sizes, both custom or off the shelf.


Simply looking for someone that you can call on to answer questions related to a project you're working on? We'll play "rubber duck" with you and provide some insight from industry-leading programmers.

Integration & Migration

Working with a stubborn outdated piece of software that's no longer supported? We can work with your old systems and determine the most efficient use of time to resolve the data migration.

Other Services

We offer a variety of other services that are available at an affordable rate. Some of those services include CAD consulting, manufacturing layout and optimization, network setup, migration, integration, or resolution of degradation.

Design & Mockup

Have an idea that seems so simple but you're just not sure? Our in-house team can mock any level of the program that you need.

  • I've been with Innovated Tech for over a year and they really know their programming. My projects have included everything from PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS, and more, and they've been able to help with all aspects. Fast, definitely knowledgable, and reliable service. Much better than an outsourced company, and easier on my budget than hiring an internal developer/programmer. I've been happy with Innovated Tech's services and will continue to use them for my business

    C. Dean
  • This pro is a true web developer and web designer. He redid the whole website that was blotched. He went beyond what was expected to be. Great communication. He explained every step to me and made the site look very appealing. I’m amazed how it turned out. He needs to add this creation into his pro-folio. No complaints.

    Kimberly G.
Ben BeachInnovated Tech, Tech Simplified